"JOSHUA SUZANNE IS THE NICEST, COOLEST LESBIAN YOU'LL FIND THAT CLOSE TO CHELSEA   (Note: I don't actually *know* she is a lez, but if she ain't one, then I'm not Chinese)."

- Daniel L.

"The way she (JS) runs her store is really an act of true dedication... She loves that store with every ounce of her being…" - Nicole P.


"It's the kind of vintage store that if you look around for more than five minutes, you will find something you forgot you had been looking for." - Jude D.

instagram user @mings.dynasty

instagram user @mings.dynasty

instagram user @baybryanmusic


“This place is amazing! One stop shop for costumes &/or all your western-wear needs. Absolute life-saver the day before Halloween!" -Margery D.

"As a traveller (from S.Korea), this place felt like an amazing exhibition of popular culture history of NYC, curated with great care and affection" - Park J.


"definitely a hidden gem!" - Jocelyn R.


"When you step foot into this store, you are immediately blown away by the meticulous detail that has poured into its decorations...the owner, a woman of immediate conversation and friendliness, provided my a level of service and attentiveness that I am rarely accustomed to." - Jake B.

instagram user @wardrobebreakdown

instagram user @wardrobebreakdown

instagram user @klarakassman

instagram user @klarakassman

"Joshua Suzanne. Amazing. Dedicated. A local treasure." 
- Eliz F.


"definitely a must visit" - yiushin2


"If you are looking for an Ugly Sweater for a party or a crazy Hawaiian button up you will definitely find it here." - Michael V.