A store as unique as Rags-A-GoGo is a beacon for interesting characters from all over the world. Owner, Joshua Suzanne, has interviewed various fascinating customers and has found that every person has a story to share. Here are some of our personal faves. The rest can be found on our youtube page.



Joshua Suzanne is interviewing her friend at Clearwater fundraising meeting when suddenly some jerk apparently named "Pete Seeger" interrupts. Rude.

projekt hex

Duo, Projekt Hex, make a stop in the store during their "Give Me a Dollar" World Tour. 

World's fastest talking woman

Fran Capo has broken the Guinness World Record for most words spoken per minute. She shows customers in the store an example of her fast talking!

parrots for peace

Gloria is bringing peace, love, and kindness to the world, one parrot at a time.

Salem al fakir

Joshua interviews singer Salem Al Fakir before he became big! 

Im Glad we met

Met singer, Alison Cambridge stuns everyone in the store with her beautiful voice.

jack radcliff

Bear with us, Jack Radcliff is pawsibly the hottest guy in gay porn tight now.

The naked cowgirl

One of these days this naked cowgirl's gonna walk all over you

capt'n queer!

What's in the sky? It's a dyke! It's a fag! No, it's Captain Queer!

the banjo ladies

Two talented musicians fiddlling around!